Week 5: Cheating

So, I'm cheating this week. This is a still-life painting I did in high school. It's a plant hanging out of a shiny thing. I remember my art teacher telling me this painting was indicative of my artistic style and to stick with it. Mrs. Smith... she rocked.

(20" x 18")


Week 4: White Charcoal

This only took five minutes... so I did another.

I'm thinking she is enjoying a nice cool breeze... something we'll have to wait another six months for. :) These are both 8.5" x 11".


Week 3: Pastels

Uh, I have no idea. It was fun playing with pastels though!!!! :)

P.S. I did this almost a week ago, but my camera charger was MIA. I swear!

(11" x 14")


Week 2: Painting

"I'm as dry as a seven year drought, I got dust for tears and I'm all tapped out, Sometimes I feel broken and can't get fixed..." 

I feel ya, Steven. But I know even the desert has its day.  So will we.

(1 1/3' x 3 1/3')


Week 1: Clusterfudge

Between the old speakers on my keyboard and the cheap microphone on my laptop, the quality of the audio didn't really have a chance at being decent. And sorry you have to stare at my angry-face for 3 minutes. That was part of my desperate attempt to make my audio into a video so I could upload it to YouTube and embed it here. AHH! YouTube was really annoying! And I am a n00b. The song I'm playing was and is one of my favorites. Odds are, if you knew me six or seven years ago, you've heard me play this song a gazillion times. It's a pretty song. So naturally, when I dusted off my longtime-idle piano a month or so ago, this song is the first one I attempted. This piece is in B Major and I played it without the music in front of me. It still needs some fine-tuning though. I tried painting this week, but my paintbrushes and my eyes were not working. I also need to figure how to record audio better. Week 1 feels a bit like a clusterfudge... Week 2 will be better.



Brian Russell, self proclaimed Awesomologist, has been cracking me up with his webcomic, The Underfold, for two years now. While he was on vacation he let me be a guest artist and the above is what I came up with. I think it's fitting for this to be one of my first posts. I put my artistic-ness on the back burner after high school, and since then Brian has been THE LOUDEST and MOST PERSISTENT voice encouraging (and pestering) me to create stuff . This experiment is as much for him as it is for me, and hopefully it will get him to back-off. Much love brotha!



IT'S A PUPPY!!! Courtesy of Corey. She sent me this picture of Snickers on a day that I was horribly sad and she knew it. This picture of a soggy puppy and Corey's friendship have lifted my spirits so many times since then. It was Corey's idea to create a blog and use it as a way to be held accountable, artistically speaking. I love the idea. I work better under pressure. So c'est la vie laziness! I want to push a natural gift to the limit and see what happens, and I think a weekly post is totally doable. I love this Corey-girl and I can't wait to see what she creates! Find out for yourself by checking-out her experiment